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Skull en Rose Techshirt



Produkt Details

Classic black, white and a single red rose make this Women's Skull and Rose Tech Shirt a true stand out. The ink strokes loosely come together to form a large skull shape and we even hid our trademarked, "Run or Die" phrase, in the teeth.  Roses are a symbol of sacrifice, a trait common to all athletes who go after goals that other's wouldn't even consider. This shirt is about fighting with everything you have to thrive.   

De Techshirts zijn gemaakt met de Dry I.C.E. Technisch materiaal. Dit Techshirt helpt je om je door je zwaarste workout heen te laten zweven en houdt je koel en droog. 

Check ook de mooie Skull en Rose Capri die deze outfit compleet maakt.

Maattabel Dames Techshirt

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